Scooter Thomas

Scooter Thomas is our cat and occasional guest blogger. He weighs 18 pounds, is best friends with Winnie the Basset Hound, and has lobbied Barack Obama to be the First Cat. His writing has also been featured on, maker of “the white lightning” of organic catnip, and eHow. Known for his refined tastes and highbrow sensibilities, Scooter Thomas has been a magnet for criticism from cats of inferior breeding and children with poor motor skills. In 2011 he has resolved to read Proust in French.



7 responses to “Scooter Thomas

  1. this guy would be much better with some stuff on him. i strongly suggest

  2. Bevin

    looks like he needs a squish from his fave auntie bevin. Why don’t you poos admit how much your cat looves me.

  3. My cat was named Scooter, too! But them he died.

  4. voreblog

    Is that comment supposed to make us do anything besides cry?

  5. Mark Hoobler

    As 2009 draws to a close, I am wondering about Scooter’s progress with Proust?

  6. Mark Hoobler

    And if it was any better than mine with Joyce…

  7. mark mecum

    i really like your cat scooter. is he named after dylan thomas? or does he drive a scooter to work? is it a combination of the two? i can’t figure it out!

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