Scooter Thomas

Scooter Thomas is our cat and occasional guest blogger. Once upon a time he weighed 18 pounds; a hyperthyroid problem has drastically reduced his weight to under 10. According to the WebMD site for pets, hyperthyroidism results in “excessive thirst, increased urination, hyperactivity, unkempt appearance, panting, diarrhea and increased shedding.” All of these are now regular features of Scooter Thomas’ life.

Known for his refined tastes and highbrow sensibilities, Scooter Thomas has been a magnet for criticism from cats of inferior breeding and children with poor motor skills. In 2015 he has resolved only to keep kicking.



8 thoughts on “Scooter Thomas

  1. i really like your cat scooter. is he named after dylan thomas? or does he drive a scooter to work? is it a combination of the two? i can’t figure it out!

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