Broken Places

“The world breaks everyone,” Ernest Hemingway once wrote, “and afterward many are strong at the broken places.” For us, those broken places have most often been synonymous with mental illness, with which we are not strangers; more recently they have coalesced around multiple sclerosis. What we’ve been surprised by as we’ve shared our story with others is just how many of our friends are on the same road.

What has helped us as much as anything in coping with our broken places are words. Naming things gives you power over them. On this page we’ll link to any post dealing with our experiences, as well as list/review the books that have helped illuminate our understanding of mental and physical illness. We welcome you to comment, or just to listen.

The Book of PsalMS [6.7.15]

A First-Rate Madness [8.16.11]

Friday Recommends: The Illumination, Kevin Brockmeier [2.11.11]

Guest Post: “You Will Ache” [1.27.11]

Random Thoughts on Fatherhood: Four Months [12.8.10]

Friday Recommends: Joey Votto [8.27.10]

Baseball and Mental Illness [6.21.10]

Friday Recommends: Although Of Course You End Up Becoming Yourself, David Lipsky [4.16.10]

Depression’s Downside [3.13.10]

Depression’s Upside [3.1.10]

Hurry Down Sunshine, Michael Greenberg [10.01.09]

Broken Places [8.18.09]

The Deepest Silence II [8.13.09]

The Deepest Silence I [8.13.09]

Someday This Pain Will Be Useful To You [8.10.09]


One thought on “Broken Places

  1. Hi Erin. Thanks for being a safe place for me tonight.

    May His goodness chase you down in each season of your life. I’m counting on that promise from psalm 23.

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