The Vores are both high school English teachers who reside in Cincinnati, Ohio. After a three year hiatus, they have returned to blog about books, music, movies and TV shows, as well as their sons Sam and Leo; the joys and challenges of married life; and the Utah Jazz. They no longer wait hand and foot on their cat Scooter Thomas, who is a total lush.

Their driving ambition in life is to avoid looking like this in fifty years.


If this happens come 2060, they give you permission to beat them up.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. VORES!!!! I’m moving back to the great Buckeye State, and your “Things to Love About Ohio” has reminded me that it’s not a terrible idea. My apologies for the egregious use of exclamation points.

  2. Hey Mrs. Vore,
    Been thinking about you entering my senior year and finding out I won’t have the pleasure of having you as my English teacher for a second time. It’s alright though as your replacement is also an incredible teacher who makes us think critically like you did.
    MHS student

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