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Things To Love About Ohio: The Ides Of March

Are you a Bearcat, Ryan?


The Ides of March, the political thriller directed by George Clooney and starring both the beautiful (Ryan Gosling) and the bedraggled (Paul Giamatti and Philip Seymour Hoffman), captures the media frenzy and political machinations surrounding the Ohio Democratic primary, which has come down to a contest between a distinctly Obama-like governor (Clooney) and his otherwise faceless rival. The rival remains largely absent because the drama is not so much between the campaigns as within them. There is posturing, cheating, backstabbing, lobbying, lying, leaking and copulating.

None of this is the best part of the movie, though. The best part, hands down, is that it’s SET IN CINCINNATI.

This film stirred in Erin a deep hometown pride. “I feel intense Cincinnati pride,” is how she put it during the end credits. “Do you?” she asked Ben. “I do,” he replied. “Well you can’t,” she responded. “You weren’t born here.”

What were some of the Cincinnati highlights in The Ides Of March? Well, here’s Gosling walking down Fourth Street!

Ryan Gosling walking! In Cincinnati!


Then there were the scenes set at Erin’s alma maters, Miami and Xavier. Here’s George Clooney wearing a Xavier Musketeers cap!

George Clooney! Go XU!


And somebody who’s not George Clooney at Miami University’s Hall Auditorium, site of the first debate!

Ohio! We have great auditoriums!


Here’s Clooney with Gosling and Evan Rachel Wood at The Stand in Mt. Lookout!

We are all beautiful people in a beautiful city.


And here’s Ryan Gosling using one of our excellent public pay phones!


Wait a minute. Can that be right? Is Ryan Gosling using a Cincinnati Bell telephone? Did he just pull a Jeremy Piven on us?

Who cares? He’s just so hot!

Ryan Gosling at a Cincinnati Ren Faire!


Ryan Gosling doing his Ben Roethlisberger impression!


Ryan bowls a perfect game even with a pink ball!


Remember the Titans!


TyRYANasaurus Gosling!


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