What Happened To October?

The calendar indicates that today is October 20, and our last post was us strongly recommending you not see Contagion on your date night … waaaaaaay back on September 30. This is a grievously long hiatus in our regularly scheduled posting. We beg your forgiveness.

What has been keeping us so preoccupied, you may ask? The short, unsexy (but truthful) answer would be work and parenthood, graphically and respectively rendered by these images:



The latter image is a testament to our family’s much rehearsed ability to all open our mouths simultaneously. We practice this many times daily.

We have been reading books (The Art of Fielding), watching movies (50/50, the superbly entertaining Tangled), and listening to new albums (Ryan Adams, Jens Lekman), all of which we intend to review in good time. For now, however, we will leave you with more pictures of Sam in various states of fall dress. Enjoy, and more soon.

At the Harvest Moon Festival. Sam can spot a random piece of Kettle Corn on the ground from a mile away.


Someone secretly switched my coffee with Folger’s!


Sam and his new car. It tops out around 100 on the freeway.


Sam meets Maximus, here seen not scowling.



4 thoughts on “What Happened To October?

  1. You’ve been busy with work? Really? You selling that Kindle now or something?

    It’s because you rubbed that sweet, sweet brick patio in my face again (it’s in at least two of those photos).

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