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Today In Bizarre Nic Cage Behavior



Nicolas Cage is currently at the Toronto Film Festival to promote his new film Trespass. The film, directed by Joel Schumacher, is about the horrors of home invasion and (as any good actor would) Cage went to a real place to find his character’s inspiration.

“It was two in the morning…[I] was asleep with my wife. I opened my eyes and there was a naked man wearing my leather jacket eating a Fudgesicle in front of my bed,” recalled Cage.

The incident occurred some years ago but Cage remembered talking the man out of the house before the police arrived. Cage did not press charges as the man apparently had mental problems; however, Cage grew wary of the house and has since relocated.

There’s really nothing else for us to say. Oh, except that this is AWESOME.

This is yet one more reason why we love Nic Cage. Do you think, say, Kevin Costner has had naked men wearing leather jackets appear at the foot of his bed at two in the morning eating a Fudgesicle? No. Definitely not. Kevin Costner is boring.

Also, is there any doubt Trespass will be a terrible movie? It is directed by Joel Schumacher, who previously teamed up with Cage in 8MM. In the past decade Schumacher has also inflicted upon audiences The Number 23, Phone Booth and Bad Company, not to mention the Old Navy commercial equivalent of film, Batman & Robin, a thoroughly soulless piece of cinematic diarrhea.

And yet … Joel Schumacher also directed this, meaning he is capable of creating a transcendent film moment that can endure through the ages:

In conclusion, the world is a better, far more interesting place because of Nic Cage and the fudgesicle-eating naked people who stalk him, and while Trespass will likely suck, you just never know.

Thank you.


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