Old Navy & Grammatical Heinousness

Old Navy commercials are the worst. They’re too lame to be ironic, too kitsch to be redeeming. We feel empty after letting them steal thirty seconds of our life. They are just soul-suckingly bad.

Turns out Old Navy also stinks at grammar:

The person who writes copy for Old Navy t-shirts has a pretty easy job. No puns, no of-the-moment cultural references, just a word about sports or summer, followed by a couple of exclamation points. It’s hard to screw it up. But screw it up, someone did indeed.

Hundreds of thousands of shirts from the retailer’s new college football line have been shipped to stores with the phrase “Let’s Go”, sans apostrophe. Major grammar fail.

Grammar being one of our hobbyhorses, we hate to see the English language butchered by anyone, much less one of the most annoying companies on earth. Professor Lentz would be no doubt be aghast.


That said, Old Navy is not alone in its corporate abuse of the English language. All the following images are taken from failblog.org and collegehumor.com:







The Zionsville Times Sentinel


Dairy Queen.


“Sir, I regret to inform you you’re not wearing pants.”




One thought on “Old Navy & Grammatical Heinousness

  1. Jo is giving a presentation at work tomorrow on the importance of grammar for a professional. She has some awesomely amazing examples. Love this post. I try to avoid the obvious mistakes but my editor wife rips everything I write to pieces.

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