You Mean Entertainment Weekly Wasn’t Telling The Truth?

Item! The Miami New Times recently released its list of the Top Ten Cheapest Celebrity Tippers. Guess who’s number five? For fun, we’ll redact his name from the following paragraph and see if you can still guess it!

Xxxxxx Xxxxx, according to Zimbio, showed up at Nobu in Aspen with a party of 12 — without a reservation. After being seated and served, Xxxxx reportedly told the manager: “Thanks for nothing,” and left a signed Entourage DVD as the tip — which is at least a bit more generous than an autograph. According to the story, a Nobu employee hurled the box at Xxxxx as he was leaving, and Xxxxx was banned from ever returning to Nobu. Sounds like something Ari Gold, his Entourage character, might do.

Still don’t know? Ok, final clue: He plays Ari Gold on “Entourage.” We know, this is tricky. Use Google if you need to, but we predict you’ll be shocked when you find out who.

UPDATE! We also enjoyed this, from The Onion.


3 thoughts on “You Mean Entertainment Weekly Wasn’t Telling The Truth?

    1. I was surprised – and happy – to find a ‘capsule biography’ of him in the back of my Cambridge History of 20th Century Thought with Weber, Keynes, Hayek, Rawls, et. al.
      No mention of his work on Entourage tho. Maybe a contract thing with HBO.

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