A Truly Superlative Ice Cream


We don’t typically do food reviews on this blog, but we’re going to make an exception for today’s post. The ice cream pictured above, Private Selection’s Denali Extreme Maximum Fudge Moose Tracks, currently resides in our freezer. If your first impression of the name of this ice cream is that it is a bit, shall we say, excessive, we are here to report that upon tasting said ice cream, you are likely to agree that the marketing team at Private Selection in fact displayed the utmost restraint in naming it. Truly, a name like Private Selection’s Denali Extreme Maximum Supreme Utmost Hardcore Amazing Fudge Moose Tracks would not be unjustified in communicating just how good this ice cream really is.

Run, not walk, to the freezer section of your local grocery store. Your life is about to begin.


7 thoughts on “A Truly Superlative Ice Cream

  1. I don’t know that I would enjoy this product. We tried Private Selection’s Denali Fudge Moosetracks (not Extreme Maximum) earlier in the summer and found that the fudge-to-peanut butter cup ratio was off. Way too much fudge, not enough peanut butter cup. I don’t think chocolate ice cream and an Extreme Maximum amount of fudge would make me enjoy the product more.

  2. Don’t hate when you can participate, Mr. Cashmere. Come by anytime for free samples! Unless we’ve eaten it all, in which case we’ll find something stale from our pantry to tide you over.

  3. This is our favorite, too but our Krogers here in Dallas now has it marked discontinued, so you might want to stock up!

  4. ooopsy. i effed up at kroger tonight. wifey wanted a comfort treat, and i chose regular extreme moose tracks vs. the extreme maximum. i have an exhaust leak in my car and i’m probably high on carbon monoxide. anywayz….she says la difference is that the extreme MAXIMUM does NOT have teh chocolate cups, and that’s the difference….other than the fact that without the cups, they can pack a bit more fudge into the carton in the MAXIMUM version. no innuendos on that…seriously.

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