This Week In Classy Bengals Behavior

Several people have pointed out that if we’re going to take issue with Hines Ward and James Harrison, we should probably take issue with the Cincinnati Bengals and its spate of misbehaving criminals (three arrests in the past week).

Two things:

1) We strive to be an equal opportunity blog, so yes, it would seem as though it was hypocritical of us to go after the Steelers but not the Bengals. However,

2) We could care less about the Cincinnati Bengals. They are an awful professional sports team. But plenty of our friends (and the Who Dey Revolution) have that terrain well-covered, so you don’t need to hear it from us.


If you have any further issues with our haphazard and vaguely disinterested coverage of the NFL, this is what we have to say in response:

We’ve been waiting to use this picture for weeks.


[photo credit:]


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