Debt Ceiling Cat.

[SCENE: Floor of Congress.]

SPEAKER JOHN BOEHNER: I am open to proposals to reform the tax code so long as they won’t raise taxes on the American people.

MINORITY LEADER NANCY PELOSI: John, how is closing tax loopholes equivalent to raising taxes on the American people?

BOEHNER: It’s about being revenue neutral, Nancy. It’s simply inexcusable to raise the debt ceiling without substantial cuts in discretionary spending. I won’t stand for it.

PELOSI: I question the very constitutionality of the debt ceiling.

BOEHNER: How dare you! How dare you trample the Constitution!

PELOSI: How dare you, sir! Madison’s probably rolling in his grave!

BOEHNER: Wait, hush! Nancy, lower your voice. Look up there — above us. We’re being watched!



PELOSI: Yikes! That Debt Ceiling Cat sure gives me the heebie-jeebies! Let’s settle this thing immediately.

BOEHNER: And how!

[BOEHNER and PELOSI scribble some numbers on a sheet of paper and shake. DEBT CEILING CAT nods approvingly.]


[credit: debtceilingcat.tumblr.com]


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