Zombies Ahead

Nothing says welcome back to Ohio after being on vacation for a week quite like this:

This sign greeted drivers on southbound Interstate 71/75.


From Cincinnati.com:

As if orange barrels, speed traps and distracted motorists sharing the road weren’t stressful enough, drivers on southbound Interstate 71/75 Thursday morning were given another warning – beware of the undead.

An electronic highway sign on the interstate near the Ky. 18 exit read: “Nightly lane closures, zombies ahead.”

The sign was apparently hacked, said Nancy Wood, Kentucky Transportation Cabinet spokeswoman.

Highway contractor Bluegrass Paving has been working in the area at night, Wood said. The portable message board was supposed to read “Nightly lane closures, road work ahead.”

Oh, road work ahead. Well, that makes a bit more sense.

Wood said officials were not amused by the prankster.

“Those signs are there for a reason, they are to warn people of road work ahead to keep the motorists safe as well as the crews out there,” she said.

Wood was also not amused by a picture of someone getting a wet willy, or the detachable finger trick.

We’ve got a lot of catching-up posting to do. Coming next week: vacation photos; multiple book reviews; and possibly a word or two about Enes Kanter.


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