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Scott Guldin Takes The Plunge.

Of all the voices chiming in at the Voreblog NBA Playoffs Readers Forum, one has been conspicuously absent: that of good friend and Chicago Bulls fan, Scott Guldin. There has been some playful banter back and forth between Ben and Scott about Ben jinxing the Bulls this year by coming out as a Chicago fan and predicting this Bulls team has the horse sense to win it all. (Yes, that was a What About Bob? reference.)

Scott texted Ben last night to say he hasn’t been commenting on the forum because “at first I was bummed at the Bulls’ sluggish performance, and now out of sheer superstition.”

Then, today, he took the plunge.

I remain optimistic about Chicago’s chances. (After watching Oklahoma City tonight, though, I remain decidedly less optimistic about theirs.) I won’t go so far as to say Chicago wins game three, but I think the Bulls return to Chicago with the series tied at two apiece.

In the meantime, Scott asks the Voreblog readership why he cares so much about the outcome of a sporting contest. He wants your theories to wash over him like a healing salve. You can join the conversation and share them here. Bonus! Matthew Leathers, who is reportedly in Cincinnati this weekend, may chime in and lose his mind if his Canucks drop tomorrow’s game four and head back to Vancouver with the series tied. Or you may not care whatsoever and are simply waiting for “The Bachelorette” to premiere on Monday. Whatever the case may be, let’s go Bulls.


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