A Bold Prediction About The NBA Playoffs

Each team that lost game one in the second round — Oklahoma City, Boston, Chicago and L.A. — will win its series.

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8 thoughts on “A Bold Prediction About The NBA Playoffs

  1. Well, I think I will still be half right. And the two I expect to win — Chicago and Oklahoma City — are the same ones I said would likely meet in the Finals. (Never mind that Dallas and Miami are, in that order, easily the most dominant teams right now.)

    So I wouldn’t say I’m Nostradumbass. At least not yet.

    I’m always happy to be proved wrong when it comes to overestimating the Lakers.

  2. Bah. You can flip a coin and be half right. Was it tough for you to predict Chicago over Atlanta? I’m still nervous that you’ve jinxed OKC.

    We can agree that the 2011 playoff highlight was any part of the Lakers being swept. Why oh why is Mark Cuban not standing on the side of the LA Freeway at rush hour with a sandwich board, wad of singles, and a bullhorn?

  3. Mike,

    I still don’t think you appreciate the boldness of my prediction.

    Assuming I didn’t jinx the Thunder and Oklahoma City pulls out the series against Memphis, I will have been half right. But according to, the team that wins game one in the second round of the NBA Playoffs goes on to win the series over 80% of the time. (80.2%, to be exact.) So the fact I picked one team to do it means I’ve already beaten the odds. To pick two teams would be, I think, proof that the prediction was not simply bold, but a successful one, and reason enough that you should publicly apologize at your cookout for calling me Nostradumbass. Though I will admit the manner in which L.A. and Boston were destroyed suggests anyone who thought they had a chance was either sadly misinformed and/or Dr. Jack Ramsay.

  4. You picked the favorites in 3 out of 4! The Celtics had beaten the heat in 26 straight games by an aveage of Shaq’s BMI. I still say weak.

    The best I can offer is a politician/Deb non-apology apology along the lines of “It is regrettable that Ben was labeled Nostradumbass after his prediction that many belive may in fact have been bold. But now we’re interested in moving forward and blah, blah, blah”. You get the point.

    Are you a little sad that Dwight Howard is going to be a Laker next year?

  5. Now that my favorite team has joined Utah in the off-season, my mind leaned towards the draft. Can I safely assume that the Jazz will be picking one of the PGs this year? I’ve seen them taking any one of the “biggies” – Irving, Knight or Walker, in that order – in most expert mock drafts. Or is Devin Harris actually the answer?

    Also, most mocks are fairly consistent that Utah will take Alec Burks (6’6″ SG from Colorado) at #12. He’s the #1 SG in the draft, and seems to fit an athleticism need. Just curious about your opinions on those possible picks…

    Thanks to Mike for putting my mind at ease again, reminding me that sometime next year Andrew Bynum, Luke Walton or Derek Fisher’s expiring contract, and 2-3 first-round picks will be sent to the Magic in exchange for a sign-and-trade of Dwight Howard. LA has a history of taking Orlando centers and then winning multiple championships, and I see Mitch Kupchak taking a page from the Jerry West playbook.

  6. Andy, I forgot you were a Lakers fan. I think I tend to block that out because you’re such a nice guy.

    I think Howard to L.A. is pretty much a foregone conclusion. Kobe will never play second fiddle but the window just closed on him being able to carry a championship team all by himself. Howard clearly can’t be/doesn’t want to be the alpha dog on a championship team, nor does he need the ball in his hands all the time. So these two are perfect for each other.

    Devin Harris is not the answer, but I’m not sure any of those PGs are either. If the Jazz can get Derrick Williams, I’m ecstatic. He’s a non-Russian, non-crazy upgrade at the 3, with the shooting touch to play the 2 if Utah wanted to go big. Taking Burks at #12 would help shore up the backcourt, so I’m fine with that one too. Let Raja Bell mentor those guys for a year or two before he rides off into the sunset. Perfect.

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