Non-Blogging Update

We’ve been terribly negligent about posting this week. You deserve some explanation:

  1. Sam has been sick. Ear infection.
  2. Pre-Spring Break week at school. Erin’s been busy.
  3. Ben had to mow the lawn. No excuse.
  4. Ben was in mourning that the Jazz will not be going to the playoffs this year after suffering just its second losing season in the past twenty-eight.
  5. We’ve had violent disagreements over whether or not Source Code was a good movie.
  6. We’ve been packing for our spring break in sunny, gorgeous State College. (And by “sunny” and “gorgeous” we mean “not sunny” (as in “rainy”) and “in the 50s.”)

Regardless, we will push on with an NBA Playoffs post sometime this weekend. Blogging will be intermittent through Thursday as we kick back in central PA.

We Friday Recommend that you spend your Saturday at a local, independent record store in recognition of National Record Store Day.

Thank you.


One thought on “Non-Blogging Update

  1. Voreblog- Nick Cage has been arrested and we haven’t heard nary a word on the subject from you. I’m concerned for your well being- are you alive?

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