– “‘One Shining Moment’ should be destroyed” (h/t Scott Guldin)

– The lyrics to Neko Case’s “Marais La Nuit” (h/t Mark Hoobler)

– The best case we’ve read against Rob Bell’s Love Wins (h/t Jason Chamlee) (our take here)

– Shopping in bookstores with a Kindle in hand

– Ten days until HBO’s “Game of Thrones

– A new album that sounds like Smashing Pumpkins’ Siamese Dream? Yes, please!

– Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon sing “Friday

– Bill Callahan’s “Baby’s Breath,” from Apocalypse, summarized by Grimey’s Music in Nashville thusly:

Callahan corrals and guides his band single-handedly through the valley of death with love and ferocity. This record makes us wonder what has really happened in the last 100 years, and what will happen in the next 10. The soul of your country called and left you a message. Seven messages.

– Matthew Leathers rereads a children’s classic and learns to “stay at home at all times, and don’t have the courage to do things, or an alligator will EAT YOUR FACE.”


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