These guys are in Ben’s youth group.


I am extremely jealous that 15-year-olds today have access to technology like iMovie and Flip video cameras. When my brother and I wanted to make homemade videos like this, we had to wait for our cousin Joe to visit, or rent a camcorder that was roughly the size of a small rocket launcher from Mike’s Video, State College’s one and only local movie rental store. For editing purposes we storyboarded everything ahead of time and then painstakingly sequenced each shot in order. It was grueling and the end product was always ham-fisted and poorly spliced. We didn’t care. There are few things that open up a teenage boy’s world more than a video camera. What an invention.

For the record, Tim is wearing shorts in the toilet shot (“I just hiked them up … like a ton”), and he reassured us he did not swear in front of the young child in the final scene (“I didn’t say the word ‘ass.’ I said the word ‘acne’ and cut out the ‘cne'”). Good work, guys.


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