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Friday Recommends: Yo La Tengo’s Annual WFMU Fundraising Gig

Every year around this time, Yo La Tengo puts on a show that’s the equivalent of a high wire balancing act: the annual WFMU fundraising marathon. For three hours (beginning shortly at nine o’clock), Yo La Tengo will play any song that listeners who pledge a certain amount request. Callers do their best to stump the band or stretch it far outside its comfort zone, requesting (as they did last year) selections ranging from the Grateful Dead to Fleetwood Mac to the Ronettes. We’ve always loved YLT’s covers (Fakebook remains one of Ben’s favorite albums of all time) and the pledge drive showcases many if not all of the band’s endearing virtues.

You can listen in on WFMU’s site — it’ll also have a live video feed. It doesn’t archive the shows, though, so you’ll have to catch them tonight between nine and midnight. Trust us when we say there are many worse ways to pass a Friday evening.


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