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Here Come The Oscars

Someone who won’t be getting a thumbs up from the Oscars tonight.


We saw half of this year’s Best Picture nominees — Toy Story 3, Winter’s Bone, True Grit, The Fighter and The Social Network. We also saw MacGruber, which was unfairly maligned as a terrible movie when it was in fact simply a not-good movie but the kind of Not-Good That’s Somewhat Enjoyable If Not Exactly Edifying. (That’s decades away from being an Oscar category, but maybe, just maybe, the Golden Globes will jump on that pretty soon.)

We did not see Sex & The City 2, although we enjoyed reading reviews about it.

We did not see Black Swan because twenty bucks is still too steep a price to willingly submit ourselves to any movie that fits the term “psycho-sexual thriller.”

We did not see any Nic Cage movies in the theater this year because those movies were, in chronological order, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, Season of the Witch and Drive Angry 3D. (We did see Kick-Ass on DVD, one of his finer efforts in some time.)

We also did not see the movie that will almost certainly win Best Picture: The King’s Speech. In fact, we can’t recall the last time there has seemingly been so little suspense about how the picks will turn out. Or the last time we didn’t have some kind of strong opinion about which film should — or more often should not — win. (Christian Bale as Best Supporting Actor aside, of course.)

Regardless, we’ll be live-blogging it tonight. Start time could be delayed until nine o’clock, depending on Erin’s enthusiasm for going solo until Ben gets off work.

Our picks on the biggies:

Best Supporting Actor: Bale

Best Supporting Actress: Melissa Leo, The Fighter (we would be quite content seeing Hailee Steinfeld steal this)

Best Animated Feature: Duh

Best Original Screenplay: Not MacGruber

Best Adapted Screenplay: Anything Aaron Sorkin has ever set to paper, even his grocery list, so long as he continues to draw breath upon this earth

Best Makeup: If not The Wolfman, then shame, shame! on us all

Best Actress: Natalie Portman, who should and will give a shout-out to her grandmother in Cincinnati

Best Actor: Colin Firth, but only because Vin Diesel was not nominated this year

Best Director: David Fincher, but only because he gazed upon Aaron Sorkin’s face and still lived


Join us tonight!


One thought on “Here Come The Oscars

  1. What’s with the ads? Am I just now noticing something that’s been there for a long time? If so, is that because it wasn’t about: 1. Me, 2. El Chupacabra, 3. Settlers of Catan, or 4. Me again?

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