Friday Recommends, Sam

Friday Recommends: Sam Photos!

The significant part of our readership not enthused by posts about Nic Cage or the Utah Jazz has been clamoring for a few more Sam photos. We’ll be happy to oblige.

Seven-month-olds are a hoot. Sam has sampled a variety of solid foods now (likes: spaghetti squash, bananas; dislikes: mango, peas), which has resulted in the onset of the dreaded Solid Food Poos. He’s trying to crawl but manages only to get up on his elbows and knees and then collapse, pushing him backward instead of forward. At home he jabbers like a talk show host; in public he watches observantly, unless he gets distracted by a ceiling fan. When presented with a new toy, he inspects it with utmost seriousness, trying to decipher how it works. (He is, as his Aunt Bevin noted last weekend, a boy.)


Getting ready to eat the Big Boy Food.


If these are peas, someone is going to pay.


Not peas!


I’m so glad those were not peas.


Let’s cut out the middleman here.


Nekkie Time, here I come!


Is that a green devil ray in the foreground?


Ladies, the line forms here for my cheeks.



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