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The Mathematical Certainty of Nic Cage’s Greatness.

The Oscars are on Sunday! Our picks are coming shortly.

In the meantime, hat tip to Mark Hoobler for this:

And it is what good actors bring to movies, even bad ones: discipline, conviction, the ability to help us suspend our disbelief by persuading us that they believe in what they are doing. The more preposterous the situation, the more impressive the feat of seeming to take it utterly seriously. There are other measures of excellence of course — emotional subtlety, psychological acuity, wit — but this kind of unwavering, fanatical commitment is surely a sign of greatness. You might almost say that greatness shows itself precisely in the discrepancy between the performance and the material. If that is true, then it is something like a mathematical certainty that the greatest actor in the world today is Nicolas Cage.

I think A.O. Scott clearly had this scene from Matchstick Men in mind when he wrote that.

Or maybe it was this clip of Nic Cage blinking:

Hard to say.

Of course, by this reasoning, Knowing would be Cage’s finest hour. But we all know that’s a steaming pile.

[Warning: Those of you with sensitive dispositions — those of you who, say, find the sight of a moose on fire disturbing — should not watch the following clip.]


One thought on “The Mathematical Certainty of Nic Cage’s Greatness.

  1. you know what would have been awesome. if you had watched rumblefish before you did another nic cage post. I’m just saying….you get a glimpse of his penis.

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