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Friday Recommends: Entering The Nic Cage Matrix

From (h/t Andrew Cashmere):x


We find this graphic to be highly informative, though we have a few quibbles:

1) Saying that National Treasure is only slightly less rubbish (and National Treasure 2 equally rubbish) to Snake Eyes is, at least in this household, blasphemy. Consider: Would anyone in his right mind, Nic Cage fan or not, watch Snake Eyes if it happened to be on at two o’clock on a Sunday afternoon? Absolutely not. But if it was National Treasure, could you see yourself saying you’ll just watch five minutes, or at least until the commercial break, and then suddenly realize that despite (or perhaps because of) the historical conspiracy cheese disguised as cinematic comfort food, you have succumbed to the point that the end credits are now rolling?

2) Since when is Charlie from Peggy Sue Got Married considered a “serious” role?

3) Knowing is ranked entirely too high on the brilliant/rubbish axis. It is rubbish through and through.

Those complaints aside, what actor can claim to have covered so broad a spectrum of roles, whether brilliant or rubbish, serious or mental? The man has at least eight movies in every quadrant.

We note with alarm, however, that eight of the ten most recent Nic Cage films fall below the x-axis. And Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance is unlikely to reverse that trend.

Good conversation starter: Would you rather be serious rubbish (Captain Corelli’s Mandolin) or mental rubbish (The Wicker Man)?

Judging from Nic’s reaction, we’ll answer “serious rubbish.”


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