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Sam: The Sixth Month Mark

Sam turned six months on Thursday. Several people have commented from recent photos that he’s gotten to be very big very fast. They are not wrong.

We’ll find out next Tuesday exactly what percentile he falls into for height and weight. What’s certain is that he has grown up in all sorts of other ways in the past two months. He can turn his head this way and that. He not only tolerates tummy time, he seems to enjoy it. He notices Scooter Thomas now. (Scooter Thomas feigns disinterest, but can be seen lurking across the room, watching, plotting.)

He also took his first crack at solid food. We got it on tape. (Sideways. Feel free to rotate your computer/laptop/handheld mobile device ninety degrees.)

That weird purring/clicking sound in the background is our camera. It has always done that. We’re saving up for a new one.


5 thoughts on “Sam: The Sixth Month Mark

  1. omg…..his delight after each bite is so cute. His giggle is killing it! Love this lil guy. Kisses from nashvegas sammers!

  2. Oh my gosh, I love this more than I can say! He is TOO CUTE. And he totally loves to eat – it’s awesome! I adore how he’s attacking the spoon with such gusto. Go Sam go :-)!

  3. How precious! It so amazing how quickly he is changing into a little boy,not just that cute baby,but cute little boy!! As Bevin comments,”killing me” he’s so cute!Hugs and Kisses from Papaw and Mamaw!!!

  4. i just started off my monday with this video twice. My new goal is to get excited and giggly after each bite! 🙂 I just can’t get over how excited he is to eat!

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