Today in Stylish Childrens’ Onesies


Sam is sporting a 100% cotton, six-to-twelve month onesie with the distinctive Charley Harper Lady/Man Bug Print against a soft lime green background. Thirty percent chance some portion of it will be soiled by the end of the day.

And they say dads (take your pick) don’t have fashion sense/can’t dress their kids/don’t know how to upload digital photos. (That last one may be household specific.)


5 thoughts on “Today in Stylish Childrens’ Onesies

    1. Update: Outfit = soiled. Was changing him at Grammy and Papa Beers’ house and he peed himself in the middle of the diaper change.

  1. No way I’m stepping up to that @$$ whooping.

    I know what you can do. I’ve seen this…

    I’ll send this guy in my place:

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