First Listen to the New Iron & Wine Album

NPR has video from Iron & Wine’s live set at WNYC’s Soundcheck, almost entirely songs from its forthcoming Kiss Each Other Clean (due out January 25). It’s worth watching not just for the sneak preview of the new album but also for the multi-instrumentalist band member rocking the tweed jacket and playing the saxophone like he’s the animated duck from Billy Ocean’s “Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car.” Later he (the Iron & Wine multi-instrumentalist, not Billy Ocean’s animated duck) throws down on the clarinet. Awesome.

True Ben & Erin dating fact: Erin was on the fence about Ben … until she learned he played baritone saxophone in his high school jazz band. Then it was on.

No woman can resist a man who plays the sax.

(For more on saxophones, WERS music rates the five best and worst saxophone solos of all time. Billy Ocean makes the list. Guess which one.)

UPDATE!: Erik Brueggemann, also a retired saxophone player, thought this picture would be appropriate for this post.


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