R.I.P., Leslie Nielsen

Frank Drebin, you will be missed.

So will you, Enrico Pallazzo.

(And you, Dr. Shirley Rumack.)

We are hard pressed to think of any three minute and fifty five second stretch of film that achieves the comedic genius of The Naked Gun baseball montage.

The only thing that bothered me (Ben) as a kid was the fact that you see an Angels player hit a grand slam (four players round second base) yet the scoreboard never shows the Angels scoring more than two runs an inning. Would it have been that hard to straighten out the continuity error there? Regardless, this hasn’t prevented me from enjoying this sequence roughly five hundred times in my life.



15 thoughts on “R.I.P., Leslie Nielsen

  1. I was always bothered by the fact that the Angels were playing at what appears to be Dodger Stadium. AND it was two AL teams in an NL park, way before interleague play.

    Watching this now, just returning from a trip and after reading all the TSA stories last week, I love the fact that pat-downs are a central part of the clip.

    1. My single favorite Leslie Nielsen line. Thanks very much for the link. I do believe it’s time to pull out my “Police Squad” DVDs and do a re-watch. They’re in color, you know…

  2. This is a funny sequence and I do love Randy Newman, but I still have to agree with Mr. Smith; the TV show was superior.
    I hope you (Ben) find the basketball scene at the end of this excerpt slightly as entertaining:

    Sorry you have to wait 9 mins to get to it, but maybe you will find them entertaining as well…

    1. No argument here as to the superiority of “Police Squad” vs. The Naked Gun movies. But nothing in the TV show quite captured the sustained hilarity of the baseball montage for me.

      Did you mean to imply there was a basketball scene awaiting me after a four minute clip of cats street-fighting? Did I just fall for a bait-and-switch? Whatever the case may be, I am amazed at how well choreographed the fight scenes and orchestral accompaniment were. If you told me the score was written specifically for this four minute YouTube feline brawl, I would believe you.

  3. Haha, no. I am sure the Germans have a word for not clearing the last copied YouTube link from your clipboard and misposting it instead, but I do not know what it is. Accept my sincere apologies for this 21st century gaffe.

    Here is the real article:

    1. Just FYI…if you add #t=xxmyys to the end of your youtube link, (where xx = the elapsed minutes, and yy the elapsed seconds), people will see the precise moment of your choosing when they click on your link.

      So, for example, there’s this:

        1. Knowing your history with Mr. S. Thomas, my guess is he somehow managed to hack your browser cache and cause feline cyber-havoc.
          He is the Julian Assange of the feline set. He works from the international protected territory of the ‘Fish Room’, which is subject to no law, international or national.

          1. Mr. Hoobler, I’ve just authorized Mr. Assange to release a series of cables implicating you as the ringleader of an elaborate fraud of a certain local pizza establishment in Mt. Healthy.

            There’s still time to catch a plane for Switzerland if you pack your bags now.

  4. Aha, this makes a bit more sense. That was one wacky screw-up!

    My life was nonetheless very enriched by the cats street-fighting — and an unintentional glance into your psyche as revealed by your YouTube search history.

      1. Excellent point.

        I think Oscar needs to be introduced to “Fight Club.” Unless, as I suspect, he’s already seen it eighteen times.

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