We Want Two Free Accordion Books!

And you can help!

You may remember Jenny Beck, a lifestyle photographer from Columbus, Ohio, from “The Vores Go Zoolander.” She was in town again recently for another photo shoot. Sam was the star, but we turned up in a couple pics as well. You can get a sneak peak here.

Bonus: If her post gets twenty-five comments, we get two free accordion books! If you can’t think of anything nice to say (about us, of course, not Jenny’s fine photography): we don’t care! Say it anyway! Because a comment is a comment, and we need twenty-five of ’em.



UPDATE: We hit 25! Excellent work. You all deserve a tasty beverage. Treat yourself to a tasty beverage of some sort this evening.


10 thoughts on “We Want Two Free Accordion Books!

  1. I asked the same thing, but I did so in my comment on that site. The comment has since been removed, so I assume that my shenanigans are appreciated by only one Ohio-based Blog.

    So be it.

  2. Did mine show up?

    It did!

    I am aware that I clearly deserve one of those two accordion books, you know for the effort.

    I’ll email you my home mailing address.

  3. Mike, your support was nothing short of monumental.

    Instead of an accordion book, we are upgrading your gift to a slightly used bread machine.

    It has three speeds!

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