NBA, Utah Jazz

Comeback Kids

I know, I know — two Jazz posts in one week is all but begging our readership to quit us. But what a week!

Deron Williams hit a runner in the paint with 0.8 seconds left to give Utah a 96-95 win over the Charlotte Bobcats tonight. The victory capped one of the more remarkable weeks in recent NBA memory. It was not simply that Utah went 4-0 on an East Coast road trip; while impressive (Miami, Orlando, Atlanta and Charlotte all made the playoffs last year), that’s hardly historic. It was the way Utah did it: coming back from second half, double-digit deficits in all four games. (Utah also did it in its last game before the road trip, when it was down by sixteen at halftime against the Clippers before rallying in double overtime, 109-107.)

As Tad Smith put it, Somebody break up the Jazz.

Now let’s work on those first halves, fellas.

And Andrei Kirilenko, feel free to get a haircut anytime.

There will now be at least a seven day moratorium on Jazz posts. Unless there’s not.


UPDATE: Marc Stein bumps the Jazz up eight spots in his weekly power rankings. Meanwhile, in John Hollinger’s cockamamie statistical world, the Jazz went 4-0 last week — and stayed in 13th place, one spot behind the 3-6 Rockets. The Heat and Magic, whom Utah beat and whom both have worse records than the Jazz, are ranked 2nd and 10th, respectively.


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