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Surreal Moments in Retail History: November 11, 2010


CUSTOMER is female in her 70s. BEN is working at the information desk.

CUSTOMER: Where’s Broke?

BEN: It’s up front on our bestseller table. Let me run up and get a copy for you.

[BEN retrieves book.]

CUSTOMER: And what about Bush’s book?

BEN: You know, that’s up front too but I think we’ve got a copy right back here.

[BEN takes one from the stack at the info desk.]

BEN: It’s not stickered but this is on our bestseller list too.

[CUSTOMER takes meaningful look at book, then runs her hand across the cover.]

CUSTOMER: I don’t know what you are, but if you’re like me, you sure wish he’d come back.

BEN: I’ve heard it’s a very interesting book.

CUSTOMER: No matter what you think, at least we knew he was an American.

BEN: Actually I think our current president is an American as well.

CUSTOMER: Well then I know what you are.

BEN: Just someone who believes the facts, m’am.

CUSTOMER: Hmmm. We could have an interesting conversation, you and I, about what this country is going to look like in six months. Things are changing now. For the better.

BEN: I certainly hope they are.

CUSTOMER: Six months. I’ll come back and find you and we’ll talk. What’s your name?

BEN: My name is Ben. And I look forward to having that conversation. What is your name?

CUSTOMER: Jan. Your name is what again?

BEN: Ben.

CUSTOMER: Ben. We’ll talk. Six months. Good day.


6 thoughts on “Surreal Moments in Retail History: November 11, 2010

  1. As a lover of both history and train wrecks I have purchased and began reading Decision Points. Once I have finished I will let you know if it is more one than the other.

  2. ha. I thought some of it was a little too well written. I’ll let you know when I am done with it and let you decide if you want to torture your readers with my poorly written thoughts about his poorly written plagiarized thoughts.

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