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I Feel Good, I Feel Great, I Feel Wonderful

First The Dude, now Steve Zissou.


This latest stylish onesie comes courtesy of Aunt Bevin, whose impeccable taste once again does not fail her.

It’s hard to say which Bill Murray film will be the first we make Sam watch. In terms of age-appropriateness, the regrettable Garfield, for which Murray did the voiceover, would be the obvious choice. The Fantastic Mr. Fox would also qualify although it’s once again voiceover work, and for a much smaller part (Badger). In terms of the Murray canon, though, our favorites — Ghostbusters, Ed Wood, Rushmore, Lost in Translation, Caddyshack and his indelible turn as Ernie McCracken in Kingpin — all feature, to varying degrees, what Ben’s mom termed “adult situations” when he wanted to see a movie she didn’t want him to see. That leaves our other two favorites: What About Bob? and Groundhog Day. What About Bob? takes the “Slightly Less ‘Adult Situations'” category (there’s some hanky-panky in Groundhog Day, plus more cursing, dying, and violence to groundhogs), but Groundhog Day takes both the “Better Film” and “More Likely To Lead To Meaningful Parent-Child Conversation” categories. There’s just so much in Groundhog Day: questions of atonement, absolution of past sins, the Buddhist notion of Eternal return. (The religious themes abound, such that Buddhists, Jews and Christians have all made claims on the film; one critic, Michael Bronski of The Forward, said, “The groundhog is clearly the resurrected Christ, the ever hopeful renewal of life at springtime, at a time of pagan-Christian holidays,” adding, “And when I say that the groundhog is Jesus, I say that with great respect”). Plus you get to see Bill advise a groundhog that is sitting on his lap steering a truck not to “drive angry.” That’s just good comedy.

(You can test your Bill Murray trivia knowledge by taking this quiz at the AMC movie blog. We got five out of five.)


6 thoughts on “I Feel Good, I Feel Great, I Feel Wonderful

  1. What!?!?! You didn’t even create a pro/con list for each movie. You just threw out the idea of ‘What about Bob?’ and then dismissed it without even a second glance! Clearly, the better choice here is ‘What About Bob?’. You could discuss conquering your fears, having perseverance, and, of course, teach him how to appropriately appreciate someone’s home cooked meal. Voreblog, I implore you to reevaluate your decision to show Sam ‘Groundhog Day’ first!

  2. Katie,

    These are valid points. While we agree there are many pros to ‘What About Bob?’ — learning how to dive, play peace and quiet, sail, etc. — there are also several glaring cons, notably Bob’s fake Tourette’s outbursts and the pottymouth language that ensues. Bastard. Douchebag. Twat. Numb-nuts. Dickhead. Dingleberry Butt. Vulture Vomit. Turkey Tits. Testicle-head Bosom Beaver. Does this sound like appropriate language for an impressionable young child, Katie?

  3. Please tell me you had to rewatch that part of the movie to remember his exact words from one of his Tourette’s outbreaks. And anyways, who better to learn those words from than his parents via Bob Wiley? He’s going to learn them eventually.

  4. Sam is going to need a classic like “dingelberry butt” for the verbal sparing that happens on the playground these days. It’s the name calling equivalent of a chop to the throat.

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