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Day One

It is barely nine o’clock and my wife is sound asleep. Today was her first day back in school after having Sam. We’ve talked about and prepared for this day for the last three months — longer, actually. Even when Erin was pregnant, she talked about how hard it would be going back to school in the fall. So in that sense it’s a huge relief that today is over. Friends tell us it gets easier. As one of those friends put it in an encouraging e-mail he sent today, “Being away from my kids makes me appreciate the time at home even more. Just keep yourself focused on what you are doing in the present and it will fly by. You’ll be home before you know it.” He’s right. In the same way twelve weeks passed like that, one day flew by too. Erin made it to school. Ben dropped Sam off with the grandparents. We survived our work days. We all made it home for bath time. Lunch is packed and coffee is set and bags are sitting by the front door and we’ll do it again tomorrow. Parenting, we’re learning, is best handled on a day-by-day basis. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll remember not to thaw frozen breast milk by leaving it out on the kitchen counter.


One thought on “Day One

  1. Ben/Erin- I was in NYC this past weekend and heard Tim Keller preach a sermon on work(whether it’s teaching, selling, or parenting). Might be an encouraging listen for you as you transition into working parents. Love you guys!

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