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What have you forgotten how to do in the last fifteen years?

Ben graduated from high school fifteen years ago, and he has forgotten everything from pre-algebra through calculus. Integers. The Pythagorean theorem. Cosines. Differential equations. Euler’s formula. The Leibniz notation. All of it, flushed out his brain like Draino obliterating a hair clog in the shower.

Erin has forgotten how to play Nukem — a game that Ben did not believe was real until he just Googled it. (“It’s like volleyball but you catch it.” “It’s like volleyball but you catch it? And you’re making fun of me because I’ve never heard of it?”)

(“I’ve also forgotten all fifty state capitols,” Erin said.)

If you’re the hometown Cincinnati Reds? Well, since 1995, the last time you appeared in the postseason: you forgot how to hit.

Philadelphia’s Roy Halladay pitched the second no-hitter in postseason history today, blanking the Reds 4-0.

Let’s go, um, Reds.



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