Vacation, and Sam By The Numbers.

We’ll be taking a blogging vacation for the next week to coincide with an actual vacation. In lieu of packing tonight, however, we went through Sam’s charts and tallied up his number of feedings, wets and stools, as well as the number of ounces Erin has pumped. See if you can guess the correct responses to the following questions. We’ll reveal the answers when we get back.





One thought on “Vacation, and Sam By The Numbers.

  1. Sweet Jesus. None of the answers under “dirty diapers filled” (presuming that’s what we call less euphemistically a “poop diaper”) seemed to fit with our own recent experience. I’m pretty sure Thea pooped every day for the first week or two and then dropped back to only pooping once every couple weeks.

    Then again, maybe I’m misreading the question. “How many dirty diapers has Sam filled in two months?” Is the question actually implying that you guys put dirty diapers back on Sam until he fills them? Given the kind of numbers you’re talking about, this actually might not be a bad coping mechanism, but you can still expect a visit from child services after you return from Maine.

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