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Things To Love About Ohio: Dueling Mascots *UPDATED!*

If you missed it on Saturday, Ohio University went to Columbus and gave Ohio State a drubbing — in the mascot smackdown category.

Ohio University promptly banned Brandon Hanning, the 19-year-old inside the Rufus Bobcat costume. It probably would’ve been better served signing him up to start at linebacker. (Ohio lost to OSU, 43-7.)

Our favorite part of the video is at the end, when Rufus keeps punching Brutus the Buckeye in the head while the Ohio State football players kneel in prayer.

Ohio: Our mascots hate one another!


UPDATE: ESPN now reports that Hanning had long been planning to ambush Brutus. “The whole reason I tried out was so I could come up here to Ohio State and tackle Brutus,” Hanning said. Nineteen-year-olds. God bless ’em.

UPDATE #2!: The melee from another angle. The dramatic build up on this video is far superior. You see Rufus charge Brutus for a good five seconds before making contact. The tension is palpable. It’s like a great horror film — you know what’s coming and you still can’t look away.

This video also gives a better look at the low blow that John Sherck draws attention to in the comment thread.


4 thoughts on “Things To Love About Ohio: Dueling Mascots *UPDATED!*

  1. While I like the balance of it, it’s awfully generous to suggest that the Bobcat gave Brutus “a drubbing.” In the initial tackle, Brutus sheds the Bobcat like, well, an Ohio State player shedding an OU “tackle” (I use the term loosely). After that, it was pretty much a draw.

    What you can’t see on this video (but it’s clear on another video I saw) is that right as the two mascots disengage, the OU mascot gives Brutus a tap right in the buckeyes, but Brutus guts it out with considerable aplomb.

    Nonetheless, this certainly was something to love about Ohio. And the prayer-circle/combat-circle was a favorite moment of mine, too.

  2. John, you are right to say that Brutus showed considerable dexterity brushing off the initial tackle — let’s give him points there — but once Rufus took Brutus down from behind in the end zone, it was anything but a draw. We count no less than four roundhouse punches to the face. And we’re off to find the video of that shot to the buckeyes right now.

    To be fair, Brutus had no idea the ambush was coming, so it wasn’t exactly a fair fight.

  3. It should be pointed out that the guy(?) with the flag seems to have had some part in that initial tackle.

    Pausing it at :31 the bobcat reminds this reader of the Terminator in pursuit of Sarah Connor (T1 Arnold). The bobcat also managed to completley flummox 2 Ohio St players (#11 & #17 at about :40).

    The jump-on-the-back-wrestle-you-to-the-ground-and-throw-roundhouses-as-fast-as-my-costume-will-allow is a solid strategy that paid dividends in this case. Was the bobcat fair and honorable in the way he picked his fight? No, but he did make the Ohio St mascot his b**ch. And isn’t that really what we’re all looking for here?

    This was good, but I don’t think you can beat this one:

    Notice how the Duck smiles the whole time.


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