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Friday Recommends: Out Of Print Clothing

Wear the books that put you to sleep!


Book nerds and English majors celebrate! Out Of Print Clothing takes famous book covers — Moby Dick, Lolita, 1984, Invisible Man — and slaps them on comfy cotton/polyester blend t-shirts so you can literally wear your literary affections on your sleeve.

Featured in Details (under “9 Essentials For Guys Who Still Read Books Made Of Paper”), The New Yorker (which hopes that Out of Print Clothing puts to rest the “pernicious myth” that being literary “implies a certain level of dowdiness, that it’s impossible to care about literature as well as fashion”) and In Touch Weekly (where “Survivor” winner Ethan Zohn sports a Hound of the Baskervilles tee), Out of Print is an essential for any wardrobe that relies heavily on screen-printed tees and bookish charm (read: Ben’s wardrobe). It also held a reader contest for best Catcher In The Rye photo (worth checking out if only for the honorable mention pics, which easily trump the contest winner).

We probably wouldn’t have made the cut, but here’s ours.x

Per its mission statement, Out Of Print also donates one book for every t-shirt sold to the charity Books For Africa.

But that’s not the only reason this guy wears it.


3 thoughts on “Friday Recommends: Out Of Print Clothing

  1. Yes, $28 a shirt. A bit of an indulgence, to be sure.

    The life span of my t-shirts is also roughly eleven years.

    Plus, we received one as a gift and got discounts on the other two seeing as they are sold at Ben’s place of employment.

    You wouldn’t spend $28 on a Cane t-shirt?

  2. Yeah, you’re right. I’d probably fork over the dough for a Cane shirt, but especially if the cost were defrayed by the employer I don’t have.

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