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Sam Meets Aunt Bevin

When Sam was born, his Aunt Bevin was, tragically, sick. Not tragically sick in the terminal sense, just sick, tragically speaking, in that she drove up from Nashville the day Sam was born and then had to avoid him for fear of passing on her germs. She spent a week in Cincinnati but never had the chance to hold him.

Until last weekend, when she returned to visit with camera in tow.

Bevin and Sam during a walk at Sharon Woods.


Yes, this is a Starbucks ad. Also, Sam is sticking his tongue out.


Sam, impressed with Bevin’s new camera.


Sam, in absolute awe of Bevin’s new camera.


Sam, getting bored with the camera.


It was a grueling photo shoot.


Sam, appreciating good grammar on the coffee poster.


Sam and Grandpa Beers discuss how to properly bait a hook.


A germ-free embrace.


You can write your own caption for this.


Scooter Thomas ponders what cruel twist of fate made him only the second most adorable creature in the house.



One thought on “Sam Meets Aunt Bevin

  1. Looove these pictures!!! Good grief this kid. Thanks for making me feel famous…so nice to be the guest visitor on your blog. I love Sam! I have to get that picture of us hand-holding framed.

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