We Have A Caption Contest Winner!

Congratulations, Justin Masterson!

The latest in Anne Geddes’ “The Trouble with Meth” series.


We will now post this picture on Facebook with Justin’s caption, because this is what we said we would do.

Consolation prizes to the other two people (who were not one of us) who participated, Dave Powell and Erik Brueggemann. Dave and Erik will both get burned copies of the TMNT soundtrack at work on Friday.

Everyone’s a winner!


2 thoughts on “We Have A Caption Contest Winner!

  1. I won? I really really won? I’d like to thank a lot of people. First, I’d like to thank Anne Geddes, without whom none of this would be possible. Second, I’d like to thank meth for the inspiration. Lastly, I’d like to thank Sam for what appears to be a series devotion to the craft of modeling.

    How do I find it on Facebook?

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