Saturday Recommends/Disrecommends: Best Coast, “Crazy For You”


BEN: RECOMMENDS. Why do I like Best Coast? Let me count the ways:

  1. The opener “Boyfriend.” A two minute, twenty-nine second blast of summer breeziness (but with a minor key lining), “Boyfriend” is equal parts carefree sing-along and mopey, heartbroken lament.
  2. It reminds me of great 90s girl rock. A self-professed Breeders fan, lead singer Bethany Consentino had me digging through my old CDs to relive my undergrad crushes on Liz Phair, Lush and Sleater-Kinney.
  3. It also reminds me of golden oldies surf rock and girl group doo-wop. But with a modern, heavy-on-the-reverb twist.
  4. Consentino says she formed the group so people could “make out to it on a beach blanket.” We always need more music that fits this category.
  5. It’s just so darn likable.
  6. There is a giant likeness of Consentino’s cat “Snacks” on the album cover.
  7. It’s not deep. Sample lyric: “Pick up the phone / I wanna talk / About my day / It really sucked.”
  8. The video for “When I’m With You.” It features a creepy Ronald McDonald look-a-like and In-N-Out Burger.




2 thoughts on “Saturday Recommends/Disrecommends: Best Coast, “Crazy For You”

  1. Reason #2858 That I Haphazardly Stumbled Into The Best Job Ever: This band is playing a private show at my office just for us. OMGLOLZ!!

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