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Friday Recommends: FishGuts Podcasts

We’ve been lax on our Friday Recommending for the past few weeks. That’s only because we’ve been building up to this: FishGuts Podcasts. In the words of its creators, it’s a podcast that’s funnier than most dumb podcasts, and dumber than most funny podcasts. That’s the official tagline. Unofficially? FishGuts is, to quote more than one fan, “the Seinfeld of podcasts.” This is another way of saying it’s about nothing (though prime numbers and coffee tend to be recurring themes).

Hosted by Scott Guldin and co-hosted by Andy Wong (with strong intern work from Duane Rosenberg), FishGuts is now eighteen episodes deep into pop culture miscellany such as Jack Bauer vs. Sydney Bristow (episode #13), Auto-Tune remixes of “Double Rainbow” (episode #8), 80s rap music (episode #18) and proper abacus use (episode #17). No pop culture reference is too obscure for FishGuts. You might even hear Scott Baio get name-dropped! Regardless of topic, Scott and Andy can be counted on for good-natured if occasionally combative banter. (Scott has been known to assert his host authority, especially when Andy eats loudly while podcasting.)

Peppered with listener contests, adored by a small but enthusiastic fan base (growing by the day!), FishGuts may not be, in the words of Will Ferrell playing James Lipton, “like looking into the face of God and seeing him smiling back saying, ‘You are my most wondrous creation'” … but there are far more painful ways you could make your ears bleed for a half hour.

(And yes, it does always sound like Scott has a cold.)


One thought on “Friday Recommends: FishGuts Podcasts

  1. Thank you so much for the love. We appreciate you listening and encouraging others to do the same. We gave Voreblog some props in Episode 20.

    I love you! You’re my man! (that was for Sam)

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