Just Another WordPress.com Weblog

We publish our blog on WordPress, which we thoroughly recommend for anyone currently blog-shopping. However, the good folks at WordPress made some adjustments to our old theme (“Coraline”) yesterday. One of them was that, directly below our blog heading, it said “Just another WordPress.com Weblog.” We found this change puzzling and obtrusive. “Just” another WordPress.com weblog? And who calls it a “weblog” anyways?

Now, considering we don’t pay a dime for WordPress and they’ve been good to us, it’s hard to begrudge them for wanting some free advertising. But do we look like NASCAR?

Sufficiently piqued, we spurned “Coraline” and, after test driving a few other themes, settled on “PressRow.” It’s still a work in progress, but we hope, once you get over the initial dreadful resistance to change, you’ll cozy up to it. We do ask for your understanding on one downgrade in user friendliness: the “Comments” link now appears only at the end of each post, as opposed to both beginning and end as it previously did. (Note: This is only the case from the home page. Once you’ve selected a post, a “Jump To Comments” link appears at the top.) To compensate for this, we’ve added a “Recent Comments” widget to the sidebar. While we were over there, we also cleaned things up by removing our random and fussy category cloud and expanding our “Categories” list. All the links on our blogroll remain intact.

The new header image is from Sarah and Stephen Edge’s wedding last fall in Asheville, N.C. Presumably Nic Cage will occupy that space again sometime in the near future.

In the meantime, if there’s anything else we can do to ease your transition into this brave new world, please — let us know.

Just another WordPress.com baby.


2 thoughts on “Just Another WordPress.com Weblog

  1. I dislike this new font. I can barely read it. I like it best when nothing changes. Ever.

    This sucks.

    Cute baby, though. Somehow I’m ok now with the new font.

    Hey, what the hell just happened?

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