More Firsts!

Sam, 17 days old, is racking up the firsts!

Here, young Sam successfully wears his panda PJs from Great Aunt Sherry without exploding them with a poop bomb! A first!

Almost eight pounds of panda goodness.


And here, Sam attends his first birthday party, albeit not his own, at Weller Park.

We’re pretty sure they’ve never been happier.  And Erin had to wrestle Jon G. to get her son back.


Finally, Sam takes his first real bath. Mom and dad got more wet than he did. Also, another adult might have helped. Plus, we couldn’t answer the following question: do you put the soap in first and then add water or just fill the tub with water and then add soap as you go?

Two minutes later, Ben started crying.


Too much water? Too much soap?


So unhappy, but oh-so-cute.


Finally, your zen moment of the day which has nothing to do with Sam:

We’ve started to call him everyone’s 3rd grandpa.


One thought on “More Firsts!

  1. He can carry my daughter around whenever he wants. I think his other title might be baby/toddler whisperer.

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