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Wife Locks Husband In Laundry Room

We’ve had our spats, but thankfully it never degenerated this far:

ARROU, France – An 80-year-old Frenchman was recovering in a state of shock in hospital on Saturday after being freed from a year locked in a laundry room by a wife half his age and her alleged lover.

French paramilitary police rescued the unnamed man from his home in the village of Arrou, southwest of Paris, on Wednesday, blinded, malnourished and physically abused by the ordeal at the hands of his own family.

“The victim suffered violence and ill-treatment,” local police commander Bruno Arviset told journalists. “The man ate twice a day, mostly pastries that were past their sell-by date.”

Wouldn’t this have been an interesting Jack Bauer enhanced interrogation technique? “Oh, I’m not going to torture you with these pliers. I’m going to torture you with a Mrs. Freshley Jumbo Honey Bun.”

His wife, 45, was jailed on Saturday pending trial after being charged with physical abuse, illegal detention and taking advantage of a vulnerable person, a judicial source said.

Investigators suspect the man’s family had a financial motive as around $650,000 dollars had been taken from the man’s bank accounts in recent months.

Thankfully, Ben does not have $650,000 in the bank.


One thought on “Wife Locks Husband In Laundry Room

  1. I am sure what this man went though was horrific but I gotta say there are worse things than being fed stale eclairs and danish. I pay good money at the day-old Dolly Madison store to get that kind of treat.

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