The Nursery

Since posting our last nursery pics, we’ve addressed Mike Allen’s safety concerns regarding the exposed electrical outlets. He recommended we get a tamper resistant outlet or, barring that, child safety plugs (although these, he noted, could still be pulled out). For the time being we have done neither, opting instead just to use every available outlet. Problem solved.

Here now are finished pics:

The crib. This is where Sam sleeps.


We bought this glider secondhand. Erin’s colleagues told her it would have bedbugs. It does not. On an unrelated note, why does our butt itch?


Thank you, Christy, for The Inappropriate Baby Book.


Wall by Susie B, dresser by Jon G. We’re using post-it notes on the drawers until we know what’s where.


The birds are modeled after the pigeons who pooped on Kings of Leon.


Ben’s co-workers helped launch Sam’s library with these fine staff picks.


Whoever painted this was probably drunk.*


Whoever painted that tree was definitely colorblind.*


And, of course, the best thing about the room:

* = This is a joke. Both of these paintings were done by friends: Elizabeth Foster (horse) and Carolyn Heck (tree). Neither is colorblind or usually inebriated.


6 thoughts on “The Nursery

  1. wow, i can’t WAIT to read the book called “Cat.” Sounds totatlly bril. 🙂 That’s an amazing pic of lil Sam!! I miss him!

  2. That is one seriously adorable picture of Sam…of course, he’s one seriously adorable guy. Love the room pics – you guys did a great job (and it looks even better in person)!

  3. uh…i bought the CAT book. and it IS bril. bev and carolyn, hope you know we LOOOOVE the paintings…just in case you didn’t “get” our humor on this one.


  4. Those books aren’t alphabetized! Are you trying to raise some sort of hippie, nonconformist child or something? …You’ll regret that decision later. My mother raised me in a house of alphabetized everything and see how normal I turned out? Also, I wouldn’t be too concerned with the outlets, if he gets his finger in there it’ll just give him a little kick. It’s those sorts of things that put hair on a kid’s chest. And since you don’t want your son growing up to look like Taylor Lautner, a few outlets are just what you need. 🙂 (PS-The nursery is really adorable! Good job!)

  5. the post-its on drawers reminds me of our Limelight bathroom!! I’m still trying to figure out how bandaids can be used as contraceptives (not that I’ve learned what a contraceptive is, of course)

  6. So I was all ready to comment on the lack of bars on the window as well what I’m certain is a doorway with no emergency exit lighting, then I get to the picture of the little scamp and my righteous outrage melts away.

    He’s so cute that I may even stop making fun of Ben’s body hair and affinity for man purses.

    Probably not, though.

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