Go, Pigeons, Go!

From The Huffington Post:

The popular and Grammy award-winning band Kings of Leon were forced to end a concert in St. Louis last night after playing just three songs because a pigeon pooped into bassist Jared Followill’s mouth.

A spokesman for the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater told the crowd the show would not be able continue due to fears for the band’s safety.

What, like this was The Birds or something?

On our first anniversary we were walking to dinner when a bird pooped in Erin’s hair. She had to wash it out in the restroom at P.F. Changs. But she still finished the meal, people.


5 thoughts on “Go, Pigeons, Go!

  1. A bird pooped on me at graduation (Kenyon). To be specific, it was during the luncheon afterwards out on the lawn … but still.

    I am quite sure this event will not come as a surprise to you. These things happen to me.

  2. And did Jenny McDevitt forsake her college diploma because a bird pooped on her?

    No! She went on with the show!

    This is why you, not the Kings of Leon, should be a Grammy award-winning artist, Jenny McDevitt.

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