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Meet Sam Everett Vore.

Who’s Nic Cage?


Sam Everett Vore arrived Tuesday, July 20 at 4:47 a.m. He was a solid 7 lbs. 10 oz. and 20.5 inches of baby goodness.

Let’s see some more photos!


I was born in the Feng Shui delivery room at Christ Hospital. Not by design.


Grandma and Grandpa Vore. They were slapped with six speeding tickets en route from Pennsylvania.


Grandpa and Grandma Beers. At long last.


“Now Steve, that there is what they call a bona fide grandson.”


Sam and Everett are both family names. Ben’s uncle Sam on his mom’s side passed away when Ben was young. Ben remembers intense games of Stratego with Uncle Sam. Being a Tufts, though, Sam relished the competition and never let Ben win. (At least he did not cheat, like his dad and Ben’s grandfather.)

Everett is Erin’s mom’s grandfather’s middle name: Otis Everett Davis. We ruled out Otis but liked Everett.

Enough words. Back to the photos!


Dad, masking with a smile his intense jealousy of his one day old son’s hair. Our favorite Facebook message of the day was from Matthew Leathers: “Full head of hair. HE’S A MIRACLE BABY.”


Love is the coal that makes this train roll.


Dad, perfecting the burping technique.


Meanwhile, back at home!



13 thoughts on “Meet Sam Everett Vore.

  1. All babies look like Winston Churchill to me.

    Your baby looks like blond Winston Churchill. Very cute.

    Well done you two.

  2. Congratulations. I was hoping for Freddie Prinze Vore, but I think Sam Everett is pretty good.

    We actually called our firstborn (Rosemary) WinstonChurchillFace as a nickname for quite some time. Her sister looked more like Alfred Hitchcock.

    Good luck and sleep when you can . Meg says you (Ben) look more tired than she does. I’m not sure if she was trying to compliment Erin or insult you. I’m guessing both.

    Anyway, take advantage of all the grandparent help you can, too. I think you can imagine that my mom was invaluable in the first two weeks.

  3. she pops out an almost 8 lbs. baby and still manages to keep her hair at the optimum level of bouncin’-n-behavin’!

  4. YEAAAAA! Gosh, you kept me waiting so long! We are all thrilled for you and Ben. Sam’s a fortunate fellow. Looking forward to meeting him in person.

  5. Erin and Ben,
    He’s great! Blondest baby I have ever seen. Erin, why does your hair look so good? No stocking cap for you? I guess Sam borrowed it. You two will be great parents.

  6. Man, am I behind. I kept thinking they must’ve had that baby. They must’ve had that baby. But then Finny got sick and I got sick and we went on vacation and I abandoned the internet. And then we got home and I remembered–they must’ve had that baby. And you did and he’s sooooo cute. Not only does he have a ton of hair, he has a ton of bright blonde hair. Loved all of these pictures. Congrats! Can’t wait to read up on the blog posts I’ve missed:)

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