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Ohio Weeps.


11 thoughts on “Ohio Weeps.

  1. I enjoy watching LeBron play basketball – his talents are just astounding. I think his display last night and the last weeks was awful. I don’t begrudge the man for leaving Cleveland, but the he didn’t have to rip out Ohio’s heart like the guy from Temple of Doom. Just release a statement- “The last seven years have been wonderful and I have been blessed by the support of my hometown fans. However, I have decided that playing in Miami affords me the best chance of my ultimate goal of winning championships. I wish the Cavaliers the best of luck. Good night.”

    Anyway, he lost me as a fan last night.

    1. Coach, why aren’t you advising him? Because this is exactly what he should have done. The minute he signed on for an hour-long TV special — assuming he had already decided then he wasn’t returning to Cleveland — is the minute he destroyed not just any goodwill he might have left in Cleveland, but to casual and rabid NBA fans alike.

      I mean, who has ever wanted to root for the Heat?

      Dan Gilbert doesn’t seem to like him anymore either.

    2. Beautifully put, YT. Seriously, if he had just said that, people would love him now.

      I am glad that I never really liked him. It makes me feel vindicated. He was always, I thought, pretty douchey. For those four minutes when it looked like he might become a Bull, I felt pretty conflicted (but, to be honest, if I was capable of jumping aboard the Dennis Rodman love train [that sounds disgusting], I suppose, like KG says, ANYTHING…..IS…..POSSIBLLLLLLLEEEEEE).

      But now the Bulls have Boozer! And Kyle Korver!!! And maybe J.J. Redick!!!!! Hooray for mediocrity!!!!!!!!! Exclamations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      For what it’s worth, my nephews in Ohio were pretty crushed. At least two of them cried, a couple of Fatheads were removed from their prominent places on bedroom walls, and LBJ jerseys will likely never be worn again. The kids, man. Did he ever think of the kids?

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