Thirteen Days And Counting.

We’ve been chastised for not providing regular photo updates of Erin’s pregnancy. Ben can attest that it has been difficult work convincing Erin to be photographed; “You are not a bloated cow” has been a regular addition to his vocabulary.

Well wait no longer! Here, for posterity’s sake, is Erin as she approaches the finish line.


Erin, 38 weeks.


Erin by bird bath.


Erin working the “new” gas grill purchased by Jon Beers at a garage sale in “a very posh neighborhood.”


She has neglected her weekly weedwacking duties of late.


Really sharp scissors + pregnancy = a great idea.


Ben gets very upset when the grass is over an inch high.


Pregnancy does cause feet and ankles to swell.


And lead to excessive hair growth.


Love is the coal that makes this train roll.



4 thoughts on “Thirteen Days And Counting.

  1. Because I love you so much, I have put on 15 lbs during your pregnancy- just doin’ my part. Doubt Bev can boast the same.

  2. San DePants,

    Although she doesn’t shave all that often, I believe that what you see is only an ill-placed shadow. On the other hand, the stubble is back by this point.

    Sister Ellen,

    Thank you for gaining some sympathy weight–Ben has only gained one or two pounds–a HUGE disappointment to my gajillion.

  3. These pictures just made my day…especially the “hairy armpits”. Love you guys. This baby is so lucky—coolest parents EVER!!

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