Things We Overheard During Our Breastfeeding Class Last Night

“If your nipple is truly inverted, you will already know.”

“Your baby has never seen anyone else’s nipples, so yours will be perfectly normal.”

“Think about a really big club sandwich and how you compress it so you can get your mouth around it.”

“Don’t worry too much about the teeth.”

“I’m sure you’ve all heard the term ‘nipple confusion.'”

“Shove it in in a rolling motion while depressing the breast to ensure a good latch.” (from a text from Erik Brueggemann to Ben)

“‘Plugged Ducts’ would be a great band name.” (whispered from Erin to Ben)

“What about ‘Raging Mastitis’?” (Ben to Erin)

“No.” (Erin to Ben)


We may or may not post our notes later this week.


5 thoughts on “Things We Overheard During Our Breastfeeding Class Last Night

  1. I prefer the texts – “you gotta shove it in with a football hold” or “can I punch some old people in the face” from the same night- surprisingly the second is related to breast feeding. Just wait for the stares – wait for the stares. One bonus of having a breast feeding child for the male mind – the complete desexualization of breasts on any woman for a few years – they’re givers of nourishment not toys – you will stop staring.

    1. I needed all of five seconds and a glimpse at the breastfeeding diagrams on the wall for this realization to set in. So much information has never been so unsexy.

  2. I remember when those comments were funny. It was a wonderful, lovely, more innocent time. I think “Nipple Confusion” would be the best band name.

    And, do worry about the teeth.

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