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John Wall To The Wiz

It’s been a whole week since the NBA season ended. Time for an NBA draft post!

There’s no mystery about who the Wizards want at #1. But who will Washington get with the 17th pick, which it acquired today from Chicago along with Kurt Kirk Hinrich?

As for the Bulls, superfan Scott Guldin comments, “If the Bulls don’t get somebody REALLY good out of this, I might be able — nay, REQUIRED — to play for them.”

Utah has the 9th pick (via New York), and according to ESPN the magazine, Kyle Korver thinks Ekpe Udoh would be a good fit in Salt Lake City. Chad Ford has Udoh going to the Warriors and Ed Davis as Utah’s top prospect. Whoever the Jazz get, he better be big.

Meanwhile, because the Lakers won the Finals last week, we have to deal with stories like this:

Helping his team win the NBA championship title should be a gift in and of itself for Los Angeles Laker Lamar Odom, but his wife must have thought the big win needed more celebration than a ticker tape parade.

E! News reports that Khloe Kardashian, Lamar’s wife of nearly nine months, bought him a Rolls-Royce.

The car is said to retail at $443,000.

The review of the Rolls, written by satirist and pundit, P.J. O’Rourke, also referred to the car as “faster than the stink of how rich you’d have to get to buy one.”


Isaac Chotiner, in a guest post for Jonathan Chait, has an insightful take on the Finals, writing, “The NBA season came to a particularly satisfying conclusion last night with the Lakers’ 83-79 win over an aging Celtics squad. What could be better than seeing a Boston sports team lose, while simultaneously witnessing a completely pathetic effort from Kobe Bryant, the most unlikeable NBA star of the decade?”

Chotiner also makes a point about the media treatment of Kobe and LeBron, and draws a conclusion you might not expect. But I think he’s right.

Go Jazz.


13 thoughts on “John Wall To The Wiz

  1. NBA draft expert Mike Allen on the phone just now: “DeMarcus is a hoss. That’s a good pick for the Kings.”

  2. The Warriors get Udoh. Yellow Thunder can chime in on how he’ll fit into Golden State’s plans.

    Detroit gets Greg Monroe.

    If Utah picks Cole Aldrich, I’m sticking my head in the oven.

  3. Utah takes Butler star Gordon Hayward. Mike calls it “shocking.” Tad Smith “likes the pick.” I do too.

    Cole Aldrich goes to the Hornets, prompting Tad to call them “pre-season favorites” to win it all. Except now the Hornets traded Aldrich to Oklahoma City for the 18th and 21st picks. If I’m Kevin Durant, I’m not happy.

  4. Don’t get me wrong, Hayward has tremendous upside. The kid moves like he’s still 5’11”. But big and/or tough he ain’t.

    Kevin Durant ain’t happy.

    I’m pleased with Patterson to Houston.

  5. Cole Aldrich to Utah would have been hilarious. As it is, they did a wonderful job of finding the whitest-dude-in-the-draft-that-doesn’t-automatically-make-Sloan’s-head-explode.

    Did you notice how many guys needed to improve: “Strength.” C’mon, guys! Steroids are really advanced these days!

    On a related note, Angela (who watched a good 90 minutes with me) and I have decided that next year we are playing a Jay Bilas drinking game. Length. Athleticism. NBA body. Anybody else in?

  6. There must be a league-wide conspiracy to crush Kirk Hinrich’s morale.

    SLCDunk reports that the groans from Utah faithful were directed less at Gordon Hayward and more at what could have been (Cousins? Favors?) from an unprotected first-rounder from the Knicks.

    Scott, you picked a good one if she’ll watch 90 minutes of the draft with you. Great call on the Jay Bilas drinking game. Let’s set it up for 2011.

  7. I’m trying to remember who likes what team on here…

    I think there’s a GS fan, right? If so, yeah Udoh is probably not a terrible pick.

    The Bulls? They picked a French player. Next.

    Eric Bledsoe on the Thunder would have been great.

  8. I have now learned that the Bulls traded their pick.

    On second thought, Udoh probably was terrible that early in the draft.

    1. That’s OK, Mike. With your researching capabilities and general knowledge, you are already more talented than Jon Barry.

  9. Just now read the Isaac Chotiner post. I think he’s off. I don’t know who he reads, but the writers I respect “pilloried” Kobe plenty, thank you. I didn’t hear Kobe admit to being nervous, but I think he got plenty of bad ink as it was. And I do think there is enough evidence to suggest that Kobe and LBJ are wired a little differently when it comes to winning. Sure, Antawn Jamison is no Pau Gasol, Z no Bynum, and Mo Williams no Derek Fisher (ha ha, just kidding guys…they both suck), but it’s not like the Cavs were a bunch of schlubs. They had the best record in the league two years running. Right or wrong, if you perform like that in the regular season but can’t continue it in the postseason, people are going to question you. That’s the biz.

  10. Fair points on Chotiner. (I haven’t actually read anyone who called LeBron a “loser.”) What I agree with — in most of the particulars of his Kobe/LeBron comparison, but more generally in sportswriting at large — is the pass that winning buys you. Take Kobe’s 2004 postseason, when he shuttled from Colorado to wherever the Lakers were playing that night. I remember the talk about Kobe’s “focus” and “drive,” the way he could compartmentalize his life because he was so focused on competing and winning. If he doesn’t already have three rings, do we call it “focus” and “drive” or just “psychotic competitiveness”? Put another way, is he “the next Jordan” or just Ron Artest?

    Well, you might say, that’s a moot point, because he had three rings already. True. Does he have any without Shaq though? (Or Phil?) Hard to say. We could debate that one for a while. But I doubt it.

    Kobe has been incredibly lucky throughout his career. LeBron has not. He’s always been the star in Cleveland. He’s been given a decent but hardly championship-caliber supporting cast. He’s had nothing like Phil Jackson as a coach. He’s had to work harder to win his first championship than Kobe ever had to. He has to answer his doubters, yes, and certainly people are going to question him. But saying he doesn’t have the “will” or “desire” that Kobe does? I don’t think that’s a fair comparison.

  11. Bill Simmons reports in with his annual Draft Diary. His take on Hayward to the Jazz:

    “Utah picks NCAA near-legend Gordon Hayward ninth. He was two inches away from being the real Jimmy Chitwood. I loved everything about that pick: Made sense for the Jazz (they needed a perimeter scorer); I can make Utah/white guy jokes about it (what’s better than Utah stealing the best available white guy from Indiana?); and, by the way, if you don’t think Hayward is going to cause a riot among Utah women, you don’t know Utah well enough. They may as well have drafted Zac Efron and converted him to Mormonism.”

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