Touchdown Jesus, Continued


Thanks to the crack reporting of one Tad Smith, we have confirmed that several witnesses have seen the Virgin Mary in the rubble of Touchdown Jesus.

It appears as though we’ll need a second, updated edition of Look, It’s Jesus! (which includes, among others, the famous Nun Bun from Bongo Java in Nashville).
You can chime in at the comments section of the link above with your two cents.

2 thoughts on “Touchdown Jesus, Continued

  1. Point of order, point of order. Touchdown Jesus is on the campus of the University of Notre Dame, within clear view of the football stadium. Touchdown Jesus remains intact.

    The mammoth statute which apparently incurred the Wrath of God is (was?) known as Butter Jesus, due to the statue’s color, which can only be described as unfortunate.

    Admittedly, this mistake has been made widely, but your former Features Editor expects a higher level of accuracy from Voreblog. 😉

  2. Oh dear. A newsroom squabble.

    We’re not quite sure this merits a correction, per se, as the Solid Rock Church 62-ft. high Jesus was known by many names — Butter Jesus being a common one. (Any butter-colored deity is, generally speaking, unfortunate.)

    It was also known, particularly among the locals, as Touchdown Jesus — not the Touchdown Jesus, mind you, but a poor man’s Touchdown Jesus, good for roadside gawking and a stand-in for the ‘H’ in O-H-I-O.

    We’ll simply call this a clarification and let it go at that.

    To the presses!

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